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What's New: AAA Logo 5 / Logo Design
We've added a huge number of new logo icons to the library and all of them are well ordered and grouped in simple categories

All icons in each category are also well ordered allowing you to find necessary icon much faster then earlier:

New Library: Energy and Power
New Objects Library
You can apply already used styles to icons with new style: "Last Styles & Solid" and there is no need to copy complex styles from one shape to another, just choose a desired item from the list.

Last Style & solid:
1. Solid black, gray and white colors
2. Last Styles (from previous templates or projects)
3. Simple solid colors
Last Styles, New
New color selection tool with ability to use colors from objects on canvas:
1. White, black and all colors from objects on canvas + standard color palette
2. Hue/Saturation/Lightness
3. CSS standard color representations: decimal RGB and hexadecimal values 

There is no need to copy colors from other objects/icons just select a color from new tool (1)
New Color Selection Tool

We have received many requests from people how was unable to resize image templates for quality printing or special width/height. AAA Logo 5, will suggest you to automatically adjust image size to fit canvas size or resolution changes after you change image size or resolution in image options tool


What's new in AAA Logo 4

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