What's New: AAA Logo 5.4

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Support for Google Webp format has been added.. smaller and faster to load image files for SEO of your website

Easy file export with new Save for Web and Save for Print options

Improved export of SVG,PDF,EPS vector files, has more details in vector form, better image quality

SVG optimized for Web usage. SVG files are much smaller then before. SVG is always looking crisp and clear on a web page on any device!

Completely redesigned logo template library. Now it has 800 high-quality premium Logo Templates

Improved user interface for better support of high-DPI monitors

Refreshed default font list with new modern fonts (you can always add your favorite fonts from "help, install fonts menu")

New, re-designed vector icons library. Over 10.000 well ordered and grouped logo icons in simple categories

AAA Logo will now automatically resize image when you change canvas width/height or resolution

New color selection tool with ability to re-use colors from objects on canvas

New "Last Styles" tool simplify re-use of styles from other shapes, templates and projects

Export to vector files (SVG, PDF, EPS) Now it is much easier to save logos for printing and edit it in other vector software, such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator

Image Groups: Available via the Edit, Compose menu, this feature allows to group several shapes into group of shapes and text to ease its positioning, scaling and applying image effects to a group of shapes

Canvas Scaling: It is possible to create image canvas with absolutely any size, from extra small to huge. Create images from small icons for web to large posters for printing

Multiple Selection: By holding the CTRL key you can select several items at ones, move it, apply effects, etc. You can also click somewhere on the canvas and drag to select objects located in a rectangular area

Improved Gradients: AAA Logo now supports linear and radial gradients with any number of intermediate colors and transparency levels with support for presets

Support for Masks: Available via Styles, General menu, it is possible to set overlapping image composition to Knockout and Clipping masks, or Intersection and Addition image composition. Please visit AAA Logo help via the Help menu, Shapes and Text Styles to get detailed overview of these new features

Improved Shadow and Glow Effects: AAA Logo supports inner and outer shadows and glow effects with control of blur spread and size

New Gloss and Emboss Effects added: Please visit AAA Logo help via the Help menu, Shapes and Text Styles to overview these new to AAA Logo effects

Improved Strokes and Reflections: You can apply Reflections to individual shapes, text objects and groups. Shape strokes are vector based in AAA Logo 4.0 and supports gradient fills

New Text Warp styles: Text can be warped in Circle (inside and outside), Acr (lower and upper styles), Arch and Bulge

Improved Text Rendering Quality: Text is rendered more precisely and sharper. This is particularly notable at small text sizes and when warp effects are applied. Bold and Italic effects can be applied to any font

New Interface: Template library has many new template categories and new templates. Styles library has a new look and many colorful presets with support for new effects added to AAA Logo 4.0. New "Edit Selected Objects" pane appears when one or several objects are selected, and allows you to scale, rotate, change colors, and effects in a simple way

New Interface: Main Canvas

New Interface preview: Template Library

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